100 beers and more...  

Inside Mommsen-Eck there are beer bottles with exotic labels everywhere testifying to the mind-boggling selection on offer. Beer lovers above all, but even more so beer fanatics, are moved to ecstasy. With a selection of 100 beers from five continents, there's the opportunity of a flavorful world tour.

We begin in Bavaria with "König Ludwig", then on to France to try "Belzebuth", the strongest beer in the world. A trip over the channel to Ireland and a taste of "MC Farland Red Beer" is followed by a hop to America for some "Anheuser Busch." Then it's down south to Mexico where they drink "Dos Equis." A gigantic leap and we're in Australia to treat ourselves to a "Fosters" or a "Sydney Pils." On we go to Thailand where the drink is "Singha Gold" and in China it's "Tsingtao." After a short stop in the Czech Republic for a quick and tasty "Staropramen," we land back in Berlin to end our travels with a "Berliner Bürgerbräu."

And this is only one possible route. There are still many ways to discover the diversity of beer.

You can also order "sloshed together and watered-down" drinks like the well-known "Alsterwasser" (Alster water - pils with Fanta), a "Braunen Bären" (brown bear - Guiness with Coca Cola), a "Krefelder" (dark beer with Coca Cola), a "Grünen Süden" (green south - pils with Curacao) or even an "African Star" (pils with Campari.) Of course, you can also get some alcohol-free beers like "Kelts" or "Clausthaler".

Naturally, we won't let you go hungry. In the morning, you can choose among many breakfast variations, at mid-day we offer a changing lunch menu, either one of the dishes à la cart or according to the season. And on Sunday, bring the whole household for brunch. In a cozy environment, we can served and spoil up to 180 persons with either individual menus or a tempting buffet.