Varieties of beer  

Here are a few varieties of beer among the wide range of beers produced:

Alt: Alt beers are top fermented, dark beers from Germany. It is a malt, smooth beer with a tangy character. Alt beer is copper or amber to dark brown in color.
Blanche: a Belgian wheat beer, often enriched with flavoring. It is unfiltered and is characterized by its cloudy consistency and its light, acidic taste.
Gueuze: a Belgian Beer that is produced by mixing old and new lambic beers and is filled in Champagne bottles.

a Belgian beer made of barley, wheat and perennial hops by quick fermentation.

Kriek: a lambic-wier in which cherries are allowed to steep for several months. The success of this fruit beer has resulted in a series of further varieties, for example, strawberry, currant and even mirabelle and banana beers.
Pils: this beer is named after the Czech city of Pilsen where the first pale beer was brewed with bottom fermentation.
Czech pils possesses a complex but balanced malt character, a fruity hop aroma and an astringent aftertaste.
Rauchbier: smoked beer is a Bamberg specialty in which green malt is kiln-dried with beechwood fire. This gives the malt, and with that the beer, its typical smoky taste. It is dark amber to brown in color.
Stout: a British beer, almost black in color, top fermented brewed with strongly roasted malt. The Irish style is very tangy and thick but not too strong, while the flavor of the English stout is sweeter and more well rounded.

Weiße/ Weizenbier: white or wheat beer is a German top fermented beer brewed with wheat and barley malt. It is golden and somewhat darker than the Belgium Blanche. Wheat beer comes yeast-free (Kristallweizen) or yeast-clouded. German wheat beer is very carbonated, moderate to light and very refreshing, which has made it a popular summer beverage. The northern version, the "Berliner Weisse" is in contrast considerably more acidic and is therefore sweetened with woodruff or raspberry syrup to compensate for the sharpness.
Bockbier: bock beers are strong but 'rounded' in taste and are exclusively a top fermented, malt-based brew. They are gold to dark brown and malt-sweet with a defined body.
Kölsch: Kölsch is a light blond, top fermented beer. It is moderately carbonated, accented with hops but hardly bitter.


black beer is bottom fermented. It is an extremely dark, almost black beer. This beer is full-bodied, has a malt aroma and a characteristic bitter chocolate flavor,
Steinbier: stone beer is a German specialty brewed by a method from the dim and distant past. Very hot stones are added to the mash to bring it to a boil. Caramelized sugar forms on the stones. The stones are then returned to the new beer during the aging process to initiate a second fermentation. The beer has a smoky but sweet flavor and is golden brown.

If it is true that every wine is an expression of its landscape, then every beer is a manifestation of its culture or civilization.